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July 2023
Whether it’s in it, on it or around it, so many of life’s greatest adventures have water at their core. Humanity’s attraction to water transcends location, culture and ethnicity. In fact, our fascination with the world’s sparkly blue depths is so prevalent that it’s been the focus of numerous scientific studies, the inspiration for millions...
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Accuse me of being a little “extra” but sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a good spa day. And while I’m more of your average pedicure and massage type of gal, these extravagant beauty treatments caught my eye for their unique ingredients, relaxing properties and of course, promising results. Vampire Facials in L.A. Bringing...
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Winter is right around the corner, and for a lot of areas in the U.S., this means long months of snowy days and chilly temperatures. There are plenty of vacation options for those interested in making the most of these snow-filled months – some families enjoy taking ski vacations or visiting national parks while they are less busy. There’s...
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