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5 Extravagant Beauty Treatments Around the World

Accuse me of being a little “extra” but sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a good spa day. And while I’m more of your average pedicure and massage type of gal, these extravagant beauty treatments caught my eye for their unique ingredients, relaxing properties and of course, promising results.

Vampire Facials in L.A.

Bringing a whole new meaning to the saying beauty is pain; , vampire facials caught everyone’s attention after photos of Kim Kardashian West posing daintily with a blood speckled mug surfaced in 2017. A combination of microdermabrasion and the application of the client’s own platelet rich plasma, this gory salon service is said to stimulate cell turnover. Looking to brave this Count Dracula inspired experience? Head to Los Angeles where a number of reputable estheticians specialize in the service.

Evian Baths in Spain

Praised for being some of the purest bottled mineral water available for purchase, Evian prides itself on supplying water directly from the springs of Evian-les-Bains, France. So what does bottled water have to do with luxury beauty treatments? In exchange for some serious dough, travelers can soak and float in infused Evian baths said to keep spa-goers feeling young and vibrant. Take a dip and see for yourself at France’s Evian Resort or Miami’s Hotel Victor.

Caviar Facials Around the World

Caviar isn’t only for 5-star dining establishments, these little skin warriors are also making their way to spa- menus around the globe. Called the ultimate luxury facial for those looking to combat hyperpigmentation and age spots, a caviar facial is just the trick to help brighten and refresh dull skin. In addition to giving skin a nice glow, caviar is rich in protein, helps boost collagen production and fights UV rays. Caviar facials are offered in salons in cities and countries around the world including Croatia, NYC, Dubai and more.

Multi-handed Massage in East Africa

Massage is all hands on deck at the Four Seasons Mauritius where travelers can relax and unwind with an invigorating 8-handed massage . In this unique spa service, four masseuses work together using synchronized movements to balance the body and encourage ultimate relaxation. The icing on the cake? The Four Seasons’ multi-handed massage takes place in an overwater villa where the sounds of crashing ocean waves and chirping birds make the experience that much more amazing.

Leg School Treatment in Italy

Fight bad circulation brought on by long haul flights with a visit to Italy’s Capri Palace Hotel where the spa’s Medical medical Directordirector, Francesco Canonaco, created Leg School treatment. Leg School treatment was created to address cosmetic and health-related vascular issues in the legs by smothering them in clay and wrapping them in chilled, medicated bandages soaked in a super-secret beauty formula. After the wrap is complete, clients are ushered through Kneipp pools filled with different temperature water to active the vascular system.

Originally Sourced from The Compass by Jenna Buege

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